Weatherization Training

Home Weatherization & Energy Technician

Energy Conservation-Weatherization provides a lasting solution to high energy bills by addressing the cause through energy efficiency. Weatherization Technicians are able to check major energy systems in a home, recommend, and install cost-effective energy-saving measures. Some topics that will be covered on the curriculum:

□ Attic and Basement Insulation
□ Water Heater Blankets
□ Piping Insulation
□ Heating / Cooling System Repair
□ Exterior Walls Insulation
□ Carbon Monoxide Alarms
□ Energy Efficient Appliances
□ Ceiling Fans
□ Caulking
□ Energy Efficient Lighting
□ Windows and Doors Treatment
□ Replacement Windows
□ Blower Door Testing
□ Clothing & Safety gear
□ Training Volunteers
□ Industry Certifications

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View the Flyer about the Weatherization Classes Fall 2018

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