Resources for Healthy Stores and Healthy Choices

The Healthy Corner Store Initiative is about improving choices–for customers and store owners. The HCSI works toward a healthier community by increasing options and information, and this page contains the resources used in the first corner store makeovers.

  • To begin the makeovers, HCSI volunteers took customer surveys at both stores (the photos below are from Mi Quisqueya, 933 Broad St.). See the survey here: Customer & Resident Survey
  • The survey responses provided information for what customers wanted most, so the HCSI created a “vendor booklet” for store owners to talk to their suppliers about ordering new or different products, as well as alternative vendors to contact, and information on ordering from the Farm Fresh RI Market Mobile. The vendor booklet is available in English and Spanish: Vendor Booklet in English; Vendor Booklet in Spanish
  • With lots of great food in stock, and some fresh displays thanks to the Makeover Days, it’s up to the customers to make healthy choices at the checkout, so the HCSI created fun and educational advertisements for 100% Juice, Whole Grains, Reduced Salt, and fresh fruits and vegetables



Mi Quisqueya
Employees of Mi Quisqueya and their healthy choices
[email protected]
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