Makeover Days

The first two markets to join the Healthy Corner Store Initiative and receive makeovers were New Battambang and Mi Quisqueya. Through customer surveys and discussions between the store owners and HCSI team, key “makeover” items were identified, like rearranging products to promote healthy and fresh food, improved labeling and marketing of healthy choices, and adding some new items to the stores’ inventory.


1nbfront-beforeBefore the makeover: This is what customers saw when entering New Battambang
2nbfront-afterAfter the makeover: The entrance to New Battambang shows off the great selection of produce!
3nb1The makeover began with rearranging shelves and products to promote healthy items in the front of the store, at eye level. Here, two students swap out some packaged foods.
4nb2Volunteers filled the freed space with New Battambang’s in-stock produce, local fruits and vegetables from Confreda Farms, and snacks ordered through the Urban Greens Co-Op.
5nb6Students from the Community Environmental College and New Urban Arts painted signs to advertise New Battambang’s healthy options
6nb14Outside, chefs from Kids First RI prepared healthy recipes using ingredients purchased from New Battambang, and Switch Beverages offered samples of their sparkling juice
7nb10The recipes are posted in New Battambang’s produce section and are free– take one!
8nb12With the makeover complete, New Battambang was officially declared the first participant in the Providence Healthy Corner Store Initiative! Be sure to stop in and shop at 366 Elmwood Ave. and see the changes for yourself!
Before the makeover: Customers entering into Mi Quisqueya walked straight toward a rack of chips and processed, packaged foods.
10mi_quisqueya_small-015After the makeover: A new display with fresh foods and whole grain items stands tall at the entrance!
11mi_quisqueya-009Volunteers and Community Environmental College students promoted and put WIC and “Healthy Corner Store, Healthy Choice” labels on the many healthy options already available at Mi Quisqueya, like 100% juice.
12mi_quisqueya-007In the produce section, fruits and vegetables were rearranged and labeled, highlighting the local produce from Confreda Farms.
13mi_quisqueya-010Outside, student artwork gave Mi Quisqueya’s signs a makeover!
14mi_quisqueya-013Community Environmental College students filled a rack at the front of the store with local produce and healthy snacks!
15picOutside Mi Quisqueya, Rhody Fresh Milk offered samples of delicious, local, low fat milk, and Kids First and Switch Beverages offered tastings too.
16jpegAt the end of the makeover, the HCSI and Mi Quisqueya owner cheered for the healthy changes. Go to Mi Quisqueya at 933 Broad St. to see them in person!
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