Environmental Justice

The EJ League is a non-profit organization led by Rhode Island residents who care deeply about our neighborhoods, the health of our children and ourselves, and who have come together to improve the environments where we live, work, and play.

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice (EJ) combines civil and human rights issues with environmental issues.

Environment means the area where you live, work, or play.

Justice means being treated fairly and with respect.

Everyone deserves an environment that is safe and healthy. But we don’t share environmental benefits or burdens equally. Communities of color and those with lower incomes deal with a greater share of environmental hazards than other communities and don’t enjoy the same environmental benefits. No group of people or neighborhood should shoulder a greater environmental burden than any other. When every community member stands up and says ‘no’ to being a dumping ground, then real solutions to environmental problems can happen.


What Are Examples of EJ Issues?

· polluted air from diesel vehicles or bus depots

· schools sited on contaminated land

· vacant lots

· lack of safe play areas for children

· illegal trash dumping

· hazardous industries near homes or schools

· less access to fresh, nutritious food

· inconsistent public transportation

· more hazards on the job

· higher rates of asthma and lead poisoning

· fewer trees, parks, and other green spaces

· high heating costs in older homes

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