Cooperative Business Development

Cooperative Business Development

If you are tired of the limited job opportunities. If you are tired of working two or three jobs with low wages. If you are tired of wage theft at your workplace, or bad working conditions. If you have a business idea and you would like to start a business with your friends, family and/or business partners…. This is the class you want to take. You will be learning how to start, develop, run and manage a business. You will also be receiving technical support that will help you become loan ready if you need funding to start your business. You will be learning how to:

□ Develop a Business Model Canvas
□ Prepare a risk analysis and feasibility study
□ Develop a Business Plan
□ Prepare a business budget and understand financial statements
□ Analyze and understand your market
□ Develop a marketing strategy
□ Hire and train personnel
□ Grow your business
□ Create contracts with vendors and clients
□ Make decisions in consensus among all worker-owners
□ Salary and profit sharing among all worker-owners
□ Research Industry Certifications needed
□ Business incorporation and legal structure
□ Bookkeeping and Accounting and more…

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