Bus Pull

Think YOU and your friends can pull the 29,000 pound EcoBus 75 feet?

Create a team and join us to learn more about asthma and its effect on our community!



2013 Statistics:

  • Over 600 attendees
  • 9 teams
  • 83 participants
  • Almost $3000 raised for asthma awareness and prevention

2013 Winner Profiles:

Most creative: Project 401

“Project 401 took advantage of the ERB beat and entertained the assembled crowd with breakdancing feats. Their first pull incorporated some of the same dance moves into the pull. The judges believe this to be the world’s first example of a bus pull with break dance moves that was successfully completed in less than 20 seconds. This creative energy powered the team to the lowest time of the day in their second pull.”

Most funds raised: Working as Designed

“Shape up RI kicked off the event with a time that appeared unbeatable. This team is honored for its intelligence, featuring the only contestants of the day who wore gloves. Unfettered by the norms of species exclusivity, Shape Up included both homo sapiens and canis lupis familiaris (a dog). Judges appreciated their team tee shirts imprinted with their team’s name, but would prefer a more varied graphical motif and color palette.”


Best time: Providence Students United

“Like a slugger hitting a 9th inning walk-off home run, the last contestant, the Providence Students United pulled the bus across the finish line in a time of 13.7 seconds, no second pull necessary to claim the fastest time.”

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