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Jesus Holguin: Youth Leadership Director.

Jesus has been involved with the EJ League and since he was a sophomore in high school over 7 years ago, and also serves as board member of YPI: Youth Pride Inc. Jesus formerly worked as an Administrative Assistant at Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex After-school Program. Though he was originally born in Manhattan, he now resides in Providence, RI. He identifies as an Afro-Latino Queer Youth. Through community connections, he was introduced to Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) shortly after his mother was incarcerated and deported on February 11th, 2010. As a result, he quickly became passionate about organizing and changing the community. Formerly, he was a youth organizer for the EJ League, where he created a youth program called ECO Youth, now in its fourth year of running. Because of his passion for justice, he was selected to attend the National Youth Organizer Training Institute with SOUL in California, and is also a member of a coalition called Right to the City. Recently, he was selected to be part of a national group called Beyond the November Movement, also known as Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100). His main areas of activism are around issues of environmental and food justice, LGBT rights, and immigration.


Seena Chhan – Youth Organizer.

Seena has been involved in EJ League for two summers through our summer youth leadership program, Community Environmental College, and is now and has been officially a youth organizer for two years now. Seena identifies as an Cambodian-American youth. When her 4th niece was born in August 2012, she was diagnosed with eczema and was allergic to almost everything: milk, wheat, soy, eggs and so much more. No one, not even the doctor, knew why. After attending local and national environmental justice trainings and workshops and taking part in the “It Takes Roots” delegation for the climate talks in Paris, she was finally able to connect the gaps we usually overlook between our Health and our Environment. Seena understood why her niece’s conditions were so bad by looking around her community and seeing all the inequalities, while also dealing with her own asthma. Seena then became very passionate about organizing and helping the community, especially growing up with refugee parents from Khmer Rouge and an immigrant grandmother from Cambodia. Her main areas of activism are around issues of environmental justice, racism, immigration and youth advocacy. Seena’s goal in continuing this work is to organize in Cambodia and get justice for her community.



Dania Alejandra Flores-Heagney: Interim Executive Director.

Dania is a Latina, mixed woman. She honors her Pan-African and indigenous roots. She is a mother and grandmother, born in Guatemala City, graduated with a BA in Forensic Photography in 1994. She had own a small Aerial and Artistic Photography family business, till she came to the US on November of 1999, after being intimidated by extreme right candidate and 1999 President Alfonso Portillo of the Guatemalan Republican Front. During this period, Dania was the private photographer of his opponent wife, former first lady Wendy Widmann, thus being the reason of harassment. After arriving to the US and over stayed with their expired visas, Dania, her 2 oldest daughters and their father (in what some called illegal stay = environmentally forced migration). Past work experience were working in a factory, sales and marketing, mortgage consultant, interpreter, translator, organizer, paralegal, facilitator, educator, and etc. Dania always organized in her country and here in the U.S. as a volunteer, staff and consultant, a critical thinker, advocate and activist! Formally a board member of DARE, Jobs With Justice and English for Action. In the last 4 years, Dania was a board member and summer consultant of the Environmental Justice league of Rhode Island, member of international, national and local alliances, continuously fighting for economic, social, environmental, migrant and gender justice and equity.




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